What we do

We support you to support your team and others in both your professional and personal wellbeing.

With an ever-increasing focus on Mental Health and Wellbeing, there is no better time to let us help you build your strategy and create an environment where people feel comfortable talking about the uncomfortable and being comfortable as their Whole Self.

Creating a working space that looks after its colleagues can only be beneficial to both the company and its colleagues.

We are creatures of habits and for generations Mental health and Suicide have been ‘taboo’ subjects to bring to work or even talk about them to the people we love.

Talking about we feel can be seen as controversial, not talking about them can be devastating on the person and people around them.

Here at Mental Strength and Wellbeing we work with you to encourage an open environment where people can talk, they have someone to talk to and they are reassured that they can talk in confidence without judgement.

How do we do that?

Creating a space that separates work from the issue and embed a Coaching culture that supports, informs and develops a safe one on one space for everyone.

Building a Mentally Healthy Workspace that is proactive, supports colleagues and that prevents poor Mental Health

Develop your leaders to have a greater understanding of Mental Health and Wellbeing

Training your colleagues in Mental health Awareness and Mental Health First Aid has proven to be beneficial to a lot of organisations.

Does it have to be a leader? – No, it can be anyone who wants to develop their knowledge and understanding of Mental Health and Suicide Prevention.

As Richard Branson quoted ‘Look after your staff and your staff will look after your customers’

Look after your Leaders and your leaders will look after their teams.
Having a leadership team that is equipped to recognise the signs of mental distress or crisis and know how to approach and assist can only be beneficial for the ROI and Mental Capacity for all concerned.

Reports are showing that the HR team are doing more work on Mental Health related issues. How would it feel if your leadership team were more equipped to support others and know at what point it needs to be referred on?

We are here to help you develop the strategy that not only develops your leaders; it also develops your teams and allows for the open communication without judgement and condemnation from others.

LET’S TALK and allow people to be the person they want to be and help reduce the stigma and discrimination of Mental Health and Suicide.