Christine is the founder of C&D Learning Solutions, ta ‘MENTAL STRENGTH and WELL-BEING’.

She is a firm believer that we all have the potential to develop and support others in their development, both personally and professionally.

She has herself, continued to undertake Continuous Professional Development and is qualified in –

  • Coaching
  • Psychology
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Education and Training
  • Mental health First Aid

Her career has evolved across the finance and retail sectors, developing individuals and businesses in Leadership and Well-Being.

Having noticed the correlation between Leadership and Well-Being in the workplace and having experienced Mental Health issues in close family and friends, Christine developed her understanding of Mental Health First Aid to be able to fully support others, achieving her MHFA certification and Instructor Member status with MHFA (England).

At ‘MENTAL STRENGTH and WELL-BEING’ we support organisations and individuals to learn more about Mental Health and Well-Being, the correlation between Leadership and Mental Health and how to be more emotionally resilient.

Let me introduce you to Maytrix who are a verified partner of my business. The team of highly accredited specialists are on hand to work with you to build cultural development and engagement and help you to identify the most suitable learning interventions to achieve developmental success. Maytrix deliver solutions that support your need and also provide you with the highest return.

Maytrix also specialise in Behavioural Assessments which are designed to explain and predict a candidate or teams associated behaviours. This helps both the candidate and the manager of teams to understand in a deeper context, their thinking, stretch behaviours management style and communication motivators. They help organisations across a broad selection of sectors select the right candidates for the future, identify and help with gaps within leadership teams and help select the right suppliers for large scale projects.

Visit the Maytrix website to find out more: www.maytrixgroup.com

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Maytrix Group Training & Development

Our mission at Maytrix is to teach and share the critical knowledge, skills and values that enable your business to transform into a more innovative and entrepreneurial company, enhancing your sustainability, and contributing to a robust and resilient economy.