Our Mission

We all know of the benefits of looking after our Physical Health and how to maintain it, so what about our Mental Health?

Our aim is to remove the stigma and discrimination attached to Mental Health and Suicide by educating more people in Mental Health Awareness, Mental Health First Aid and Suicide Prevention, that creates a greater understanding and improved knowledge to be able to support others.

Here at Mental Strength and Well-Being we know the outcomes of Poor Mental Health and the impact that Suicide has on those affected by it.

We are also very much aware of what good Mental Health can have on both our physical and Mental Well-being, making us more productive and able to manage the everyday stresses.

Mental Health is not a problem that requires fixing, it is about understanding where we are with our Mental health and creating positive coping mechanisms when our emotions are triggered.

Understanding the anxiety, the depression, the stress and how we feel- happy or sad are all emotions that fall into the Umbrella of what Mental Health is all about.

We all have Mental health and appear someone on a wide spectrum. How we deal with what affects where we are is where we can support you using training and coaching.

Talking is where we start to understand what you need and then to look at the best intervention for you as an individual or for you as an organisation.

Working on our Mental Health is not a sign of weakness, it is a sign that we are developing and want to develop our emotional resilience further.

Our Mission in Practice

We create safe spaces to talk on a 1-2-1 basis and find the most appropriate and experienced person to do that with you.

We offer you the opportunity to join one of our accredited courses, where you will get support before during and after the course.

- Become Mental Health Aware (MHFA England)
- Mental health First Aid (MHFA England)
- Become a Mental health Champion (MHFA England)
- MHFA refresher courses
- Suicide First Aid Lite
- Suicide First Aid – Understanding Suicide Intervention (City and Guilds level 4)
- Leadership development

For more information and to have an informal chat click here to submit your question or contact christine at cdlearningsolutionsltd@gmail.com or on 07711562407