Whether you want virtual or in person training, we are here for you!

What we offer - 

Structured one to one coaching, bespoke training programmes and training in Mental Health and wellbeing

This includes the following training - 

Leadership Programmes
3 and 4 week Wellbeing Programmes 
Mental Health First Aid Training
Suicide First Aid Training
Coaching for Wellbeing
The Resilient Mindset
The Compassionate Mindset
Mental Health for Leaders
Women's Mental Health
Motivational Communication
Cognitive behaviours
DiSC Profiling

Currently, most of our training is delivered online. If you would like in person training, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Each course has been specifically designed around Mental health and well-being in the workplace, with all the skills and knowledge being taken away, transferrable to use in our personal lives.

On top of our Mental health and Suicide first Aid courses we offer the following courses –

- Emotional Resilience
- Leadership Development
- Coaching for Mental Health

Current courses offered –
Other courses –

As a business or individual are you wanting to know more about how to incorporate wellbeing into your leadership?

Are you wanting to coach people around mental Health or understand more about how to be more resilient?

If you answer yes, then look at our courses that offer just that!


Helping you to develop as a leader, whilst considering the wellbeing of yourself and others can be daunting.

Managing both can be beneficial and ensure that as a business leader you adhere to the legalities.

We often recruit leaders and then forget to give them the right tools to do their job. We can promote good performers and then leave them to lead without the appropriate tools.

Of course, not all organisations are like that and some have excellent leaders who seek out further development.

If this sounds like you, let us talk and see how our leadership courses or development packages can support your growth?

Our leadership courses can be tailored to you and your vision, can be a one-off course or a package that is created from the following -

- Customer Service
- Building an effective team
- Leading inclusively
- Inspiring and empowering others
- Performance management
- Coaching with impact
- Emotional Intelligence
- Dealing with and Resolving conflict
- Managing change
- Communication and many more.....


Suicide First Aid Lite 0.5 day

The Suicide First Aid Lite (Virtual) course gives learners the knowledge and tools to understand that suicide is one of the most preventable deaths and some basic skills that can help someone with thoughts of suicide stay safe from their thoughts and stay alive.

Suicide First Aid Lite (Virtual) training offers learning outcomes that are knowledge based and factual. This training can be used as a stand-alone programme or as the first part of a journey to learn suicide prevention skills.

The information in SFALV is easy to grasp for people of all skill levels and those with no prior knowledge of the subject.

Suicide First Aid – Understanding Suicide Prevention

The one-day programme Suicide First Aid - Understanding Suicide Interventions is a City & Guilds qualification programme and is the next step for people wanting a more in-depth practice-based approach to the learning.

A virtual one-day programme for organisations and communities on how to have a conversation that could save a life.

This training is Accredited by City & Guilds Institute and endorsed by Skills for Health.

For more information on individual and group bookings please get in touch –

Christine Spencer

4 Week Wellbeing Programme

Are you wanting to develop or start your wellbeing strategy and want training that offers you the opportunity to have 4 accredited courses?

Then this programme is for you!

It gives you the recognition that all courses having gone through rigorous testing and backing of MHFA ENGLAND, City and Guilds, Royal Society of Public Health, The National Centre Suicide Prevention, Education and Training and CPD Standards office.

All courses recognise the development needs of your colleagues, which once completed allows for a safe space where others feel they have someone to talk to confidentially about how they are feeling with people who have gone through the courses?

Programme Outline
Week One – Mental Health First Aider 2 days (MHFA England
Week 2 – The Resilient Mindset (CPD Accredited)
Week 3 – The Compassionate Mindset (CPD Accredited)
Week 4 – Suicide First Aid 1 day (City and Guilds Accredited NCSPET / SFA UK)

Programme Aim
This programme has been created to support businesses and individuals who want to know more about Mental Health and Suicide while being resilient and compassionate and who are implementing their wellbeing strategy to become a ‘Great place to work’.

Learning Objectives
• To become a MHFAider with MHFA England
• To understand the importance of being resilient and compassionate in difficult and sensitive situations and when communicating with an individual showing signs of poor mental health
• Understanding what can lead to thoughts of suicide and how to spot the signs to intervene confidently and competently

Note – If you or your colleagues have attended the MHFAider 2 day course, you can create your 3 Week Wellbeing Programme to include week 2 to 

Women’s Mental Health

Duration of Course – 4 hours and every learner will receive a certificate of completion and 4 CPD points

Workshop Aim

This course has been designed to –

Raise the awareness of women’s mental health in today’s environment

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this workshop, you will have additional tools and enhanced skills to understand:

• Womens mental health through the decades
• What impacts women’s mental health
• Breaking it down and learning the signs
• How to manage womens mental health